Erin O'Brien


Erin's Mini Cooper

O'Brien's short story People Who Need People is available on Amazon Kindle.

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A piece of O'Brien's flash fiction, Velvet Mourning, appears in Issue 07.08 of Muse a literary journal from The Lit: Cleveland's Literary Center.

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O'Brien's short story Skywriting with King Tut down at the Little Egypt appears in the anthology Santi: Lives of Modern Saints from Black Arrow Press.

"There are also tales so wonderful and strange that, although not directly saint-like, are sacred texts. 'Skywriting with King Tut Down at Little Egypt' details the last rites of an open-air flea market at the Little Egypt Drive-In parking lot through a child's eyes, where cheap kitsch and quirky vendors create their own kind of holy land." says Jen Michalski in her review of Santi for jmww.

"One of the most moving pieces of short fiction I have read all year," Largehearted Boy.

"O'Brien's 'Skywriting with King Tut Down at the Little Egypt' is a beauty of a story, full of nostalgia for those long late summer days that seem full of promise and hope, even when tinged with melancholy," writes Marie Mundacain for Hipster Book Club.

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O'Brien's short story Skeleton Mom appears in Issue 12 of Air in the Paragraph Line:

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O'Brien's novel Harvey & Eck takes a funny, irreverent look at pregnancy through the eyes of motorcycle-riding Harvey, the thirtysomething mom-to-be who forges an unlikely friendship with Eck, a librarian whose life is as predictable as a tocking metronome.

Harvey & Eck

"A delightful story unfolds pairing two characters who form the most unlikely alliance," says ForeWord magazine of Harvey & Eck, "and it is a fine debut, full of wit and strong characterization."